Parents Guide

What is Disability Heroes?

Disability Heroes is a series of fictional Superhero Characters who explain to everyone and in particular children the nature of Disabilities in a fun and exciting way.

Why did you create Disability Heroes?

Disability Heroes was created by Designer, Kyle Boyd. Kyle himself has the condition Cerebral Palsy and when he was growing up he felt that there was no one to tell him about his condition apart from his parents and Doctors who always went into to much detail so that he couldnt understand.

As Kyle grew up and became an accomplished Web and Graphic Designer he decided to create in the 'Disability Heroes' so that he could tell children about Disabilities so that they could understand them and take away some stigmas attached with such conditions.

The Disability Heroes are here, why not come and see?

How does it work?

Really easy, go to each of the Heroes websites either Cooper Price, Dakota Sharpe or Steve Boswell and learn about their condition.

Who are the Disability Heroes for?

Disability Heroes is designed for 4-12-year-olds but is open to all ages.

So is it just online?

Currently the Disablity Heroes has an online presence. However we are always looking for new and exciting ways to tell everyone about disabilities, and hopefully in the near future we will be in a school near you!

What are the benefits of Disability Heroes?

Everyone. So that we can all grow to understand the nature of disabilities and to remove negative stigmas which have been unfairly attached to many of them. Disability Heroes wants to start off at grass roots level with children so that when they grow up they can both understand conditions but give themselves confidence and belief that they can do anything. That they are 'Not Disabled, Just Differently Abled.'